Voluntourism - Taking a Volunteer Vacation Expands Your Horizons

Wikopedia defines volunteerism: "A New Trend that combines traditional travel/tourism with volunteer work. Travellers are given opportunities to contribute either money or time to causes related to their destinations."
Voluntourism – combining traditional travel with volunteer work – is a growing trend.
Travelers choose voluntourism -- combining traditional travel with volunteer work -- to help make a difference in their lives and others.

Volunteer travel & holidays in Nepal:

Are you are looking for an adventurous trip with a purpose, or on a gap year or career break? If you want to make a difference in some of the world’s most important conservation areas - and in community projects - then volunteer trips are for you! Volunteers tend to have a sense of adventure, and come from a range of different backgrounds and from all over the world.

Giving something back to the world can be a highly rewarding & life changing experience. Our volunteer travel options & volunteering holidays are with specialist and we are responsible committed to supporting local communities & the environment.

Forget lounging on a tropical beach or meandering through the streets of an Old World town; many of today’s global travelers are looking for vacations with a conscience. Whether it’s teaching orphans to read in Nepal or helping to teach English in mountain village of Nepal a growing number of travelers are forgoing traditional vacations to spend their time off volunteering — on a global level.

Volunteer vacations allow travelers to visit new, often exotic, places and cultures, while giving them the opportunity to give back to the communities they visit, either socially, culturally or environmentally.

Opportunities include traveling to India and Nepal ( Taj Mahal - Everest) caring for neglected orphan with Volunteer Adventures; teaching english in the mountain village of Nepal. The only limitations are time and budget.

The cost of a volunteer vacation may range from $200 to $5,00, depending on the program you chose and the duration of your stay (which can vary from one week to six months). The cost typically covers accommodations, food, ground transportation and program fees and materials; part of the fee goes directly to help the local communities to which you travel. Accommodations vary from modern hotels to beachside bungalows to tents or even a host family’s home.

With the rise in popularity of “voluntourism,” both nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses are offering vacationers a seemingly endless variety of vacations with a purpose. There are even specialized trips available for students, families or seniors.

Though you will spend much of your time doing volunteer work, most volunteer vacations are interspersed with free time, allowing you to explore and sightsee. Some organizations also arrange excursions and classes for volunteers. Globe Aware, for example, offers volunteers the opportunity to take traditional Cambodian cooking and language classes, and to visit local cultural and historical sites.

Thinking about taking a vacation that will leave you with more than just a few souvenirs and photographs? Join some of our writers on their own volunteer experiences abroad — building houses for the poor in Costa Rica, cleaning up parks in Hawaii and teaching English to business leaders in Spain — and be inspired to become more than just a tourist. Become a catalyst for positive change.

If You Go - Questions to ask before booking your volunteer vacation:

  1. Where do you want to go?
  2. How much time can you afford?
  3. How much money do you want to spend?
  4. What does the price of the vacation include?
  5. What will the accommodations be?
  6. Do you need special skills?
  7. Do you need language skills?
  8. Is there a level of fitness required?
  9. Is the organization well-established?
  10. How much experience has it had in the country?
  11. How much free time will there be?
  12. Will there be organized excursions?
  13. What is the general age of volunteers?


Teaching English program is challenging and rewarding fun. Normally in Nepal, a class hosts 25-50 students with ages between 6-14 years. School hour ranges from 10 am - 4 pm, where each class lasts for 45 minutes. As an English teacher you will be equipped with a handful of chalk, scheduled English book, and blackboard for teaching English. As English became a second language in Nepal and the country wants her young generation to stand out in international competition, your small effort in teaching will have great value in Nepal. Besides teaching simple English, you will be involved in organizing games, sanitation, health education and other help that the school might request.

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